Friday, December 14, 2012

Art and Book Fair, East Oxford on Sat 15th December

I will be on the StreetBooks stall with Frank Egerton who is selling his own novel,' Invisible', too. I'm  distinctly nervous and hope to see lots of friendly faces even if they don't buy the novel. It's a first for me.
 'A Conscious Englishman' will cost £7.99 -discount of £2.00. We will have Marc's picture there of course, and some cards.

My reading group read ' Invisible' and had Frank come to discuss it with us - we really enjoyed it. It's quite a complex novel with several themes - one that has proved very popular is its treatment of eating disorders, which is very acute and insightful.

Frank has been really busy sending review copies to media and to individuals. He - and I - had a lovely message from David Constantine about the quality of the production and saying he would make it his Christmas reading, and Lucy Newlyn was similarly friendly.

I am going to ask Frank to do a guest blog on all this shortly as I know it will be of interest to writers.

Poem:  Birds' Nests. December 1914. An example of Thomas's  careful observation and recollection, and a cheerful poem.

Birds' Nests

The summer nests uncovered by autumn wind,
Some torn, others dislodged, all dark,
Everyone sees them: low or high in tree,
Or hedge, or single bush, they hang like a mark.

Since there's no need of eyes to see them with
I cannot help a little shame
That I missed most, even at eye's level, till
The leaves blew off and made the seeing no game.

'Tis a light pang. I like to see the nests
Still in their places, now first known,
At home and by far roads. Boys knew them not,
Whatever jays and squirrels may have done.

And most I like the winter nests deep-hid
That leaves and berries fell into:
Once a dormouse dined there on hazel-nuts,
And grass and goose-grass seeds found soil and grew.

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