Saturday, November 3, 2012

Edward Thomas' s Children's Books, Lewis Carroll and Tracey's Pictures

Tracey Keeping

Edward Thomas and Lewis Carroll - is there any connection? Not that I can find, though Advanced Search frequently has them on the same page as writers who are quintessentially English.
To quote my most often-quoted line from Larkin, 'Someone would know. I don't.'

There is the Oxford link, of course. And children's books - Thomas's Four and Twenty Blackbirds or 'Proverbs' stories, and  his Celtic Stories. Not exactly hits either of them, unlike Alice.  I feel he must mention Alice or Carroll somewhere. His own stories are quirky, often dark and with an element of magic and fantasy, or saga-like.

 His long poem Lob, is of course crammed full of stories, and was the inspiration for Linda Newbery's terrific children's book of the same name.

The reason  I was searching is that I am engaged in selling my daughter-in-law Tracey's cards locally - she, Tracey Keeping, lives in rural Derbyshire where opportunities are fewer.

Copyright Tracey Keeping - no copying.

 These are a few of them. They will be on sale at Honest Stationary in Cowley Road and I hope at the Alice Shop opposite Christchurch which already has some of her pictures.

Lob is the right poem for this blog but it's much too long.


In the gloom of whiteness,
In the great silence of snow,
A child was sighing
And bitterly saying, 'Oh,
They have killed a white bird up there on her nest,
The down is fluttering from her breast.'
And still it fell  through that dusky brightness
On the child crying for the bird of  the snow.

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